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FOB San Jose CA or Woodridge IL
Hot water bypass for Americano $350.00
Cup Warmer
Powder Modual
Onsite installation training and repair
Through the counter waste management
Software updates and reprogramming
Payment Systems

ONE Touch Pure-Coffee
The perfect two step machine.
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FOB  San Jose

 CA or Woodridge IL



  • Hot water bypass for Americano $350.00 
  • Cup Warmer
  • Powder Modual
  • Onsite installation training and repair 
  • Through the counter waste management
  • Software updates and reprogramming 
  • Payment Systems
  • Customization
ONE Touch Pure-Coffee 
The perfect two step machine. 


Simultaneous delivery of Coffee, Hot Water and iSteam with a Touch Screen user interface
iSteam This new totally automatic steam wand allows milk to be heated and frothed using  a mix of steam and air, until a soft and remarkably dense foam is obtained.The innovative valve system makes it the fastest and most powerful steam wand on the market. Two customizable buttons (Cappuccino and Latte) make steaming "barista" quality milk as simple as pushing a button. "Cappuccino" is to heat an froth milk 'Latte"  to heat the milk only.Fine tuning of the foam's texture and volume is possible with six emulsion levels per button. When the programmed temperature is reached, the iSteam stops automatically.
Powder Inlet for pre-ground coffee that offers even more ways to use your machine. For example you could have one hopper set for whole bean espresso, the other hopper for a premium coffee and use the powder inlet for pre-ground decaffeinated coffee.
Brew Technology The One features the most durable brewing technology available in this class of equipment. The patented stainless steel brewing group features advanced sealing technology which translates to less preventive maintenance visits and lower cost of ownership   
4-Tea the hot water temperature control system for tea has 4 different temperatures and programmable dosages. Hot and cold waterare mixed electronically too btain the right temperature for your drink. and stop automatically when the programmed dosage has been reached. Both the temperature and the quantity of water can be programmed using the software trough the touch screen and without opening the machine.
ABM.07 The ABM.07 - Advanced boiler Management - function allows electronic control of the boiler and water system. A specifically designed software system improves the performance of the machine by switching on the heating element while simultaneously brewing espresso, dispensing water and steaming milk. The machine will anticipate usage and stabilize the temperature in the boiler
 V-Flex  V-Flex is a self adapting system that harmonizes the operating voltage of the machine with voltage \variations in the main power supply. V-Flex avoids installation errors and eliminates the fluctuation in the supply voltage.
Easy-Fix Easy-Fix allows a technician to immediately diagnose any technical issues and solve them easily with only the touch of a finger on the machines touch screen interface.
Load & Show The touch screen combined with the USB port allows you to use the machine interactively. The presence of an on board USB connection makes it possible to load quickly and easily images and videos for promotional and educational purposes like how to clean the machine or make drinks. Effortlessly transfer of drink recipes and machine settings from one machine to another with only a lttle USB thumb drive.
ONE TOUCH Pure Coffee  
Performance and Technical Data  
Delivery Capacity (cups/hour)  
Espresso 250
Coffee 180
Latte Macchiato  
Performance Data  
Fresh Brewed Coffee (Litres/Hour) 18
Hot Water (Litres/Hour) 36
Manual Milk Heating time in seconds 16.9oz. 41F to 158F 25
Fresh Milk Capacity (Litres)  
Hot Milk Delivery (Litres/Hour)  
Daily Cleaning Time (munites) 5
Technical Data  
Weight (lbs) 125.7
Power Supply (phase Volts) 1φ 220V-240V
Power Rating (kW) 6.6
Hot Water Outlet 1
4-Tea 1
C-Lever Steam 0
iSteam 1
Milk Foamer Heads 0
Bypass for Americanos or Breakfast Coffee optional
Number of Selectable Products up to 48
Number of Grinders 2
Number of Boilers 2
Egro Fridge 1 pump 0
Egro Fridge 2 pumps 0

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